Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance

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At Shell Shock CBD, we prioritize the safety and security of our customers' orders. We understand the importance of protecting your purchases from potential damage, loss, or theft during the shipping process. That's why we've introduced our comprehensive accident prevention program, "Insurance Shipping Coverage," to provide you with peace of mind and ensure a seamless shopping experience.

  1. Coverage Provided. "Insurance Shipping Coverage" offers coverage against accidental damage, loss, and theft for all eligible orders. This protection is designed to safeguard your purchases and ensure that you receive them in the best possible condition.
  2. Eligibility. All eligible orders are automatically enrolled in the "  Insurance Shipping Coverage" program. Eligibility is determined based the purchase of "  Insurance Shipping Coverage". Most orders, except for exclusions mentioned below, are eligible for "  Insurance Shipping Coverage" coverage.
  3. Exclusions. The following situations are not covered under the "  Insurance Shipping Coverage" program:
    • Damage, loss, or theft caused by customer negligence or misconduct.
    • Damage caused during unpacking, assembly, or installation of the product.
    • Loss or damage due to a delay in delivery.
    • Claim filled 7 business days after the scheduled delivery date.
    • Wrong shipping address provided.
  1. Filing a Claim. If you believe your order has been subject to accidental damage, loss, or theft, you can file a claim by reaching out to our customer support within 7 business days of the delivery date. Provide all necessary information and documentation, such as images and descriptions of the issue, to expedite the claims process.
  2. Claims Processing and Resolution. Our dedicated claims team will carefully review your submission and determine the appropriate course of action based on the provided information. We aim to resolve all claims promptly and will keep you informed throughout the process. If the customer is filing an order issue the same day that the package was marked as delivered, at our discretion Shell Shock CBD may ask you to wait 5 days. Carriers (FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, etc.) sometimes prematurely mark the package as delivered when it’s still in transit.
    • If eligible, we may issue one of the following; replacement, store credit, or refund for the value of the damaged, lost, or stolen item.
  1. Contact Information For any questions, concerns, or to file a claim, please contact our customer support team via:

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