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Wholesale FAQs

Please fill out the form here: https://shellshockcbd.com/pages/wholesale or email wholesale inquiries to wholesale@shellshockcbd.com

Wholesale B2B customers DO NOT login using the "account" icon. To access your Wholesale catalog, go to the top of this page where it says "Current Wholesale Customers" and click "log into your account." Enter your email and check that email for your one-time passcode. Paste that code into the next login screen and you will be logged in to your account.

Our new login for Wholesale customers allows for easier and more secure logins using a one-time passcode sent to your email. Simply fill in your email on the login page and click "Continue." On the next page, you can paste the code from your email and login to your account.

Wholesale customers can view past wholesale orders associated with their account by logging into their B2B account.