Is CBD Safe for Pets? Choosing the Right Pet CBD Products

Is CBD Safe for Pets? Choosing the Right Pet CBD Products

Perhaps your recent veterinary bill has made it quite clear: our fluffy friends are plagued by many of the same health issues as humans.

We’ll do anything for the beloved, four-legged members of our families, and they deserve nothing but the best. 

But, like healthcare costs across the board, vet visits, medicines, and treatments can be expensive. Other times, they aren’t even effective. 

This is why Cannabidiol, or CBD, offers a welcome alternative. It’s inexpensive to purchase, doesn’t require a prescription or a long wait to attain, and can help with a variety of issues.  

Of course, the main question is, is CBD safe for dogs? Or, if you’re a feline owner, is CBD safe for cats?

Is CBD Safe For My Pet?

Much like CBD for humans, research on the effectiveness of CBD in animals is still in its infancy. But, there is encouraging news:

Studies have shown that CBD products have a wide margin of safety in both dogs and cats. Multiple veterinary studies published in the past two years have shown that, even when given high levels of CBD, pets experienced no major adverse effectsDr. Trina Hazzah, DMV

CBD rarely is associated with any clinical signs in cases of accidental exposure or overdose.” The Morris Animal Foundation

CBD for pets can sometimes contain THC, the primary psychoactive component in marijuana. THC is more harmful in pets than in humans. 

The American Kennel Club states: “...(THC) can cause toxicity and even death in dogs when given at prescribed human dosages…” 

Knowing the composition of CBD products is, therefore, imperative. You should only buy CBD products that list 100% of their ingredients and are third-party certified

Most human and pet CBD products contain less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC (including Full Spectrum CBD.) Broad Spectrum CBD products contain 0% THC. 

Regardless of THC quantities, it’s important not to interchange human CBD products and dosages with our fur babies. Buying products exclusively designed for pets is always the safest option. 

It’s also crucial to disclose to your veterinarian when you are giving your pets CBD—in any amount or form. 

CBD Products For Dogs and Cats

Unfortunately, medicines aren’t one-size-fits-all. But with CBD, your options grow. 

CBD treats or chews for dogs and cats are already commonly used by many pet owners. They have the potential to treat a wide variety of issues, including arthritis, itchiness, behavior, and even seizures. 

Proactively offering your dog a CBD treat for anxiety before an evening of fireworks might soften the impact of the noise and the fear. 

CBD oils could be an alternative to tricking your dog or cat into swallowing anxiety pills, especially before common triggers like airline travel or visiting the vet. 

You might even have a pet that’s sick or terminally ill. CBD chews could make his or her days less painful by assisting with sleep, joint pain, and more.

CBD pet products also include capsules, tinctures, and salves. Some are designed with enticing smells and flavors, while others are crafted to be ingested or absorbed without notice. 

The primary gist is this: beyond its variety and array of potential benefits, CBD allows pet owners to explore more healthcare options. All without that exorbitant bill and time-consuming appointment. 

Considering the unconditional love our pets provide? It’s the least we can do.