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Topical Thunder CBD Cream

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When life gets painful, turn to Topical Thunder for relief.

Shell Shock CBD Topical Thunder is the solution to your muscle fatigue, soreness, joint pain, or stiffness. Using our potent CBD formula combined with cooling menthol will provide you with long-lasting relief.

CBD cream uses Cannabidiol to provide relief through the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a role in pain sensation. CBD attaches to ECS receptors in our skin, muscles, and nerves, providing pain relief. Combining our trusted CBD formula with menthol provides advanced healing potential with a cooling sensation followed by a warming effect and hours of relief. Apply Shell Shock CBD Topical Thunder directly to the affected area up to four times a day for maximum comfort.

Shell Shock CBD is a trusted product as we ensure quality and potency at each product development stage. Shell Shock guarantees high-grade CBD using top-quality ingredients and diligent manufacturing practices.

** Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase

** Contains Menthol. Do not use if you’ve had an allergic reaction to Menthol

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Menthol USP 4%, Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Pure CBD Extract, Triethanolamine


For Muscles – Whether you are an athlete suffering from an injury or an employee whose muscles are strained from long hours of hard work, or feeling sore after doing yard work, Shell Shock CBD Topical Thunder can ease the pain from muscle strains or sprains. Once our CBD Cream is applied, it activates cannabinoid receptors to help to alleviate muscle pain, with the cooling relief of menthol.

For Joints – Heavy lifting, standing for long hours, walking on hard surfaces without support, or working too hard around the house; our joints start to feel the impact and stress of our daily activities. The continual pressure on your joints can begin to hinder or damage your joint mobility. Shell Shock Topical Thunder provides a CBD cream for joint pain and soreness that can improve your ability to move through your day-to-day activities.   

Workout Recovery – After completing your game, competition, workout, whether it be a cardio session, weight training, yoga, or cross-fit, your muscles may feel worn down and sore. Topical Thunder acts fast, applied directly to the skin for instant relief. Our CBD cream provides a cooling sensation that can relax muscles and alleviate joints. 

If you regularly stay active, add our Roll On, Roll Out to your arsenal of CBD products as a must-have to heal up faster and feel re-energized.


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1 review for Topical Thunder CBD Cream

  1. michaelbatmanmorgan (verified owner)

    I recently tore something in the joint of my shoulder so I’ve been in a ton of pain to the point I was nauseous well I decided to jump the gun and try this and it helps, the pain isn’t 100% gone but it works well enough that I’m not in agony. The extra plus is for the price your get a good amount, I’ve been coating my shoulder daily since I received mine nearly a month ago and I still have enough where I’m not worrying about running out.

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