About Shell Shock

Shell Shock was founded by veterans to help like-minded warriors of all walks to live their best lives. We believe wholeheartedly in 3 things:


Life is best when lived healthy

Life is most fulfilling when we help others

Life should be fun


Those 3 things drive everything we do and every decision we make. If something doesn’t meet our standards, it won’t have the Shell Shock stamp on it. It’s a part of the military oath we took, which never expires.


We’ve lived full lives, and we have the physical and mental scars to show for it. CBD has been a game changer for each of us, and we want to share it with those who have similar scars, whether they are veterans or not. We find great fulfillment in helping others, and we feel it’s our duty to make our products affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

Our CBD is 100% Made in the USA from seed to bottle.

If you’re on the fence, that’s fine – we were skeptics once too. We’re happy to chat about any concerns and answer any questions you have. Just give us a shout.